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The Oxenrider Family Reunion

On 15 September 1753, Johann Jacob and Johann Frederick Ochsenreiter, passengers abord the ship "Patience," arrived at the port of Philadelphia from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes, England. The "Patience" was built in Rhode Island in 1746 and registered 23 July 1748 in Cowes, England. Our Forefathers arrived in America on board the "Patience". Upon arrival the settlers moved inland to central Pennsylvania starting and growing our family roots.
- Robert G. Oxenger

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Oxenrider's Family Reunion

We have been keeping history alive within our family roots for generations.


Our family holds an annual Christmas party as a holiday tradition.

Ansestory Records

Over the years our family has managed to gather our ancestors records. We would like to share our roots with our family to teach their kids for generations to come. If you would like to view our family tree, click the link below.

Our family Uses Ancestry.com to record our Genealogy test kits and track our history. If you would like  to  Purchase a  Genealogy test kit to learn about our families bloodlines please feel free to email us at: Support@oxenrider.net and we will get you set up with the correct kit. 

Our Family History

Follow the link Below to learn more about our family history, genealogy and more.